Common Mistakes Bartenders Are Making


No one likes being told that they’re doing their job wrongly, especially by someone who’s not in the field. These days, we find bartenders making mistakes in how they pour and mix popular drinks. Telling them this would only just piss them off so from asking those who are bartenders themselves, we know those things that they do wrong. Below are some mistakes bartenders are making as identified by one of the leading bartending schools in Montreal – École du Bar de Montréal.

#1: Shaking Manhattans

Manhattans shouldn’t be shaken, however, we’ve seen bartenders do this over and over. This legendary mix, only second to Martini has bold flavors of whiskey, bitters, and vermouth that shouldn’t be shaken only stirred to complement its flavor. Apart from this, we see this unsanitary habit among bartenders of flipping and dropping the small shaker tin into the large tin to strain which is not just lazy but not healthy.

#2: Some bartenders take the job too seriously

Bartending is a job for people with a lively spirit. In fact, one of its basic requirement is that you know how to have your way with people. These days, however, we find bartenders too busy pouring and mixing trying to make the perfect drink that they do not connect with the people at the bar. As a bartender, always remember that it’s your responsibility to keep people company, make them laugh and happy when necessary by just speaking to them.

#3: Following trends and not instincts

We see bartenders following predictions of trends and thereby losing their natural and basic touches.

#4: Straw tasting from the ready glass before serving

You sit at the bar and order a cocktail and watch intently as the bartender do what he does best. Ever watched a bartender as he measures each ingredient carefully, cracks ice and fills the mixing vessels with it, perform a muddle, stir or shake as supposed, you still watch as he pours the mixture into a glass to be served just before serving it and you wonder why he dips a straw into your already made drink to taste it?

The amazing thing is, why on earth did he taste an already served drink? He obviously can’t make any corrections now so why? It’s like a chef after baking a cake tasting to see if the ingredients are right. I mean this could have been done when he was still preparing the drink right?

#5: Treat customers rudely

Bartenders that lose their cool and do this don’t understand their jobs. Making remarks that inconvenient guests because of how you feel is completely off limit.

#6: Contaminate drinks

Many bartenders forget that their hands are easily contaminated when they collect cash and they mix and pour with dirty hands.