Review of the content at Unemployed Professors Blog


Every professional essay writing website worth its salt has a blog page as one of the things they offer at the site. The blog is conventionally composed of academic tips such as guidance on how to write one academic paper or the other. It also offers tips on how to make sure your work gets the highest grade possible.

This theme is consistent at Unemployed Professors. This does not come, however, as a surprise. Gauging from the outlook of the site, their consistent theme and design curated specifically to appeal to the younger generation of college and high school students, we did expect the angle and articles found in the blog pages of the site to be different. For some reason, the blog posts seem very professional at the very least. They are well-written and offer sound tips and advice to the readers. The blog at unemployed professors is divided into four different themes.


As is wont of essay writing services and the sites that host them, the main theme of the articles was centered around college life, education, writing and emerging topics that would make good titles for essays and research papers. Some of the topics that caught our eye include some tips on beating plagiarism checkers, grades and debates on current affairs such as the Mexican wall and college education – how expensive it is and its importance. Tips on how to overcome popular writing problems such as the writer’s block were included in the site’s blog. In the aspect of education, the blog seemed to be very educative and resourceful and, therefore, receives a mighty heads-up. You can head there for some refreshing tips told in a casual way instead of the regular overbearing style that most writing sites use.


Advice seems to be another main theme at the Unemployed Professors’ site. The site offers various pieces of advice all through the site to students. Unlike other essay writing services, the advice on the site takes a different turn. Contrary to expectations, the advice does not even skate around the topic of academics or a related topic, save for a few articles.

Some of the topics that the site offers advice on include dating, healthy eating habits and even how to hosts a great party in college. These are meant to attract the college age crowd and they seem to be working. We did not get to test their tips on dating or hosting a party because of obvious limitations but they would definitely sound helpful.

Cool Beans

Cool beans is a section that Unemployed Professors seem to have added current issues and some tips that could come in handy during your stay in college. Some are hilarious and others much more educative but all run under the same casual vein. This is a good place to while away time or getting to relax when everything seems crumbling. The articles can definitely help lift your mood.


The quote section of the blog seems to be devoid of some motivational and powerful quotes at the time of writing this review. The section seems to be in progress and it is expected that site management will definitely throw in some good quotes soon.


The blog at Unemployed Professors is simply refreshing. It has almost everything that a college student would need. Call it a one-stop shop for literary wisdom. The sound advice, the tips and the content almost make you think of Unemployed Professors as your long-lost older and wiser sibling.